Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Not the Alpha

Not a single day in my life was it that I wished to be the alpha , I don't care if people obey me or not. I don't like to hold my head so high that the sun blinds me and I can't see the truth anymore. I am happy the way I am , I enjoy every breath , every heartbeat. I like it when I get so sleepy that I can't remember my own name , I like it when I shiver in snowy wheather.
I prefer to watch to a flower in its natural home , rather than in a vase and ready to die.
It doesn't bug me when no one laughs at my joke , the joke still makes me laugh. I'd rather walk slowly in the rushing crowd and watch them run past by me. I never wanted to be the first and yet I was never the last , I'm that person you see in the middle who wants to and always will remain in the middle.