Monday, July 19, 2010

Bread and Butter

I've recently switched from eatting bread and cheese every breakfast , to bread and butter. I spend 2 minutes every morning absentmindedly staring at my sandwich befor eating it. There's this thought everyday that keeps me wondering.
Why do I have to have to smash the butter so it would form a thin layer on the bread instead of staying solidly seperarte frome it? Why can't I just give it a little time to melt , will it then choose to form the layer with out me pushing it?
They always say that time can ease things up a bit , at least for most of us. I imagine if I didn't have to be rushing to school I wouldn't mind giving the butter a little time to adjust to the new enviroment , considering it has just been in a refrigerator and now it finds itself in a much different place.
Surely if I was int the butter's shoes I wouldn't like the change. Now if some one had pushed me to become what I'm not wouldn't I react just the same way.
But as the clock thicks the butter slowly melts and adjusts without even noticing , the way I have never noticed me changing during the years.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Eyes

So I'm looking , I mean I'm not blind and I can see stuff around me , and I'm very greatful for that gift. Perhaps the most tricky thing to watch would be something that can watch back , the eyes of your own.
We think of them mostly as parts which grab the information about the surroundings , they widen up in the dark , tighten in the light. But what makes them so special is their ability to give as much information out as they let in. You can read emotions looking into a persons eyes. They give out happyness , sadness , amusement , terror and many other emotions. Have you ever wondered why is it that the tears should come from a part of the eye? Technically it's because in that moment the tear , which is salty water should washes the suface of the eye to let it remain clean , but tears are more than just salty water , they are the result of complex emotions of ours.
Eyes come in various colors like brown , blue , green. I wonder why they don't come in colors like pink , orange , gray or red. Are the coloring of the eyes just for the sake of our beauty , I mean what if our eyes didn't have any color and they were white , that would have been something freaky to look at.
You hear in many of the stories about that feeling when someones eyes meet the other's. So what happens at that moment that make it special like that? Isn't it because when you look into the eyes of that other person yor sure you can't hide emotionally from the other person and neither can they.
Though I've babbled a lot about the eyes , I still don't know much about them. Funny! I look at my eyes everyday and they look at me but we barely know eachother.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

How fast do we grow?

Seems it was only yesterday that I was watching "The men in black" and wondering who the black guy was , so my sister filled me in. And now today as I was wandering through the TV , some song caught my attention , it was something like this : " I woud never say never , I will fight , I will fight till forever ...". I recognized Justin Bieber , I knew him from that other song I'd heard , but I wasn't sure about the younger kid.
I got all curious and googled the song , it said that the other singer was named Jaden Smith. Smith?.. I suddenly recalled that I've seen the little kid on Oprah with his mom and dad , Will and Jaden Smith. So it was their child I was seeing after all , now a teenager. I was suddenly feeling a little old , if he was 13 now , how old would that make me? Ugh , I'm still used to the feeling that I'm 15 , but that's sure about to change. I'm about to turn 20 in 2 months , but somethings wrong. I mean I'm all grown up mentally and physically , it's just that I've never looked at myself that way , like an adult. Soon I will be going to work instead of college , no one would be asking me anything childlike , instead they'll be intereseted in my points of view. I guess I could manage , but I would never be the person I am now , I will this boring adult who thinks about serious stuff like money , apartments , the bills , the kids. Oh my god the kids! How can I be thinking about the kids when I'm one myself. I seriously don't wanno grow up right now , like if my life was a movie and some one had the remote , I would beg for a pause now.
Everbody excepts the grown up to be so different from the young , what if I don't want that? What if I wanno be my own version of adult , the one who's mostly a giant kid.
But at least I'm sure about one thing and that's I will some day change my mind , and will be the day for a new "play" button on the remote.