Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Voice Within

I haven't been writing for a while , but only because I was out of inspirations and a little bit out of time.
Today as I sat behind my laptop , watching gossip girl just to keep my mind of the cold I caught yesterday while making a delicious soup for lunch , I realized I miss my blog so much that I'm beginning to envy gossip girl for all those stupid stories. That was like a wake up alarm , and not the kind you can hit snooze on. I found out I've been damaging my inner voice , not letting it out properly. So I've made a decision to continue the path I'd begun before and carry on writing , even if it is just for me.
If you think a bit about your inner voice , you'd realize that without there's no way people can think , talk or sing. That's why you and me have it , and even Helen Keller who couldn't physically speak had it. It's our duty to take care of it , for it can get corrupted easily.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Could have

One of the interesting things I find in taking public transportation is that you don't get to choose the people who come along with you. Some of these people are one of a kind , they could be characters in books.
The other day there was this teenage girl who got in the taxi , I guess she was 16. She had a pink bag with a lot of cute buttons on it. One of those buttons had a picture of Beethoven on it. I assumed she was fond of classical music as she was also reading a book about Bach. It seemed that she was going to some kind of sport class , she was carrying a badminton racket with her.
I really liked to start a conversation with her , but I didn't know what to say. I could have told her that just like her , I like pink color. I could have said that I like classical music too. I could have asked her about the book she was reading. And still , I found silence speaking instead.
I was gazing at the buttons on her bag and laughing , when she caught my eye. So I explained : " those buttons on your bag are really cute!" and she said: "thank you!" and that was it. She continued reading her book , and I continued listening to silence , singing happily this time.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Say it

If you have a problem , and you can't find who cares
may be it was because you didn't say it out loud
If you feel hungry , even when you're a baby
cry to your mom and then you'll be fed
If you can't breathe because someone's smoking beside you
Just say the words "would you turn it off?" , it always works
If you can't keep a secret , say that before they tell you one

They expect you to talk and not to cope , if you cope with what bugs you and never say a word
you will find chains tightening your chest and that's not pleasant.

So Say it Anyway! even if it's gonna hurt!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Not the Alpha

Not a single day in my life was it that I wished to be the alpha , I don't care if people obey me or not. I don't like to hold my head so high that the sun blinds me and I can't see the truth anymore. I am happy the way I am , I enjoy every breath , every heartbeat. I like it when I get so sleepy that I can't remember my own name , I like it when I shiver in snowy wheather.
I prefer to watch to a flower in its natural home , rather than in a vase and ready to die.
It doesn't bug me when no one laughs at my joke , the joke still makes me laugh. I'd rather walk slowly in the rushing crowd and watch them run past by me. I never wanted to be the first and yet I was never the last , I'm that person you see in the middle who wants to and always will remain in the middle.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

So Natural

Nature can be full of surprises Every day it teaches you a new thing
Watching the sun go up and down you learn that nothing it stable
The river flowing tells you that you gotta be patient
The ants walking on the ground show you that you gotta work hard to achieve
The dew on the ground teaches you tenderness
The birds in the sky give you the idea of looking at everything from above
The dying flowers show you that beauty is not ment to be forever

And when the nature goes mad , that's when it frights you
The floods , the earthquakes and all the thunders , are ways for the nature to scream
to kill , to injure!
And yet there will be no court for the convicted
BeCause that's the way things are and will be forever

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Free as a Tree

Green and tall , trees are considered to be one of my best friends. They connect earth to the big blue sky. With out them there'd be no apples for newtons to wonder about gravity , no bench for us to sit on and maybe no life at all.
It seems just a bit unfair that these innocents can't decide of their position , that is , they certainly can't move like the other creatures alive. They can't screame either. Can you imagine what it would be like if they could? We would be murderers who would have to wear earplugs while killing them. So perhaps it's for a good cause , but I still don't get it. They watch us everyday as we walk and talk past them in the parks , watch us kill their best buddies in the forsts and yet they don't seem to fight us as we fight each other , they don't envy us as we envy each other , they just simply remain the same loving creatures as they were from the beginning.
I have never climbed a tree , but I've touched many. It's so extraordinary that they get to be so tender and rough at the same time , so firm and so breakable , brown and also green. They're stuck where they are that they may seem prisoned but on the other hand they are freer than all of us spritually.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Bread and Butter

I've recently switched from eatting bread and cheese every breakfast , to bread and butter. I spend 2 minutes every morning absentmindedly staring at my sandwich befor eating it. There's this thought everyday that keeps me wondering.
Why do I have to have to smash the butter so it would form a thin layer on the bread instead of staying solidly seperarte frome it? Why can't I just give it a little time to melt , will it then choose to form the layer with out me pushing it?
They always say that time can ease things up a bit , at least for most of us. I imagine if I didn't have to be rushing to school I wouldn't mind giving the butter a little time to adjust to the new enviroment , considering it has just been in a refrigerator and now it finds itself in a much different place.
Surely if I was int the butter's shoes I wouldn't like the change. Now if some one had pushed me to become what I'm not wouldn't I react just the same way.
But as the clock thicks the butter slowly melts and adjusts without even noticing , the way I have never noticed me changing during the years.