Sunday, August 8, 2010

Free as a Tree

Green and tall , trees are considered to be one of my best friends. They connect earth to the big blue sky. With out them there'd be no apples for newtons to wonder about gravity , no bench for us to sit on and maybe no life at all.
It seems just a bit unfair that these innocents can't decide of their position , that is , they certainly can't move like the other creatures alive. They can't screame either. Can you imagine what it would be like if they could? We would be murderers who would have to wear earplugs while killing them. So perhaps it's for a good cause , but I still don't get it. They watch us everyday as we walk and talk past them in the parks , watch us kill their best buddies in the forsts and yet they don't seem to fight us as we fight each other , they don't envy us as we envy each other , they just simply remain the same loving creatures as they were from the beginning.
I have never climbed a tree , but I've touched many. It's so extraordinary that they get to be so tender and rough at the same time , so firm and so breakable , brown and also green. They're stuck where they are that they may seem prisoned but on the other hand they are freer than all of us spritually.

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  1. Dear SimplyYou !
    It is nice to see how delicately you get into deep thoughts about very small things in our lives.. small but indeed crucial! I like your keen interest toward ur life around and your sharp mind that notices these niceties .. They actually work as a reminder to me! Keep up the good job and honor us with more frequent posts Dearie! :)