Thursday, November 25, 2010

I Could have

One of the interesting things I find in taking public transportation is that you don't get to choose the people who come along with you. Some of these people are one of a kind , they could be characters in books.
The other day there was this teenage girl who got in the taxi , I guess she was 16. She had a pink bag with a lot of cute buttons on it. One of those buttons had a picture of Beethoven on it. I assumed she was fond of classical music as she was also reading a book about Bach. It seemed that she was going to some kind of sport class , she was carrying a badminton racket with her.
I really liked to start a conversation with her , but I didn't know what to say. I could have told her that just like her , I like pink color. I could have said that I like classical music too. I could have asked her about the book she was reading. And still , I found silence speaking instead.
I was gazing at the buttons on her bag and laughing , when she caught my eye. So I explained : " those buttons on your bag are really cute!" and she said: "thank you!" and that was it. She continued reading her book , and I continued listening to silence , singing happily this time.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Say it

If you have a problem , and you can't find who cares
may be it was because you didn't say it out loud
If you feel hungry , even when you're a baby
cry to your mom and then you'll be fed
If you can't breathe because someone's smoking beside you
Just say the words "would you turn it off?" , it always works
If you can't keep a secret , say that before they tell you one

They expect you to talk and not to cope , if you cope with what bugs you and never say a word
you will find chains tightening your chest and that's not pleasant.

So Say it Anyway! even if it's gonna hurt!