Wednesday, February 29, 2012

The Voice Within

I haven't been writing for a while , but only because I was out of inspirations and a little bit out of time.
Today as I sat behind my laptop , watching gossip girl just to keep my mind of the cold I caught yesterday while making a delicious soup for lunch , I realized I miss my blog so much that I'm beginning to envy gossip girl for all those stupid stories. That was like a wake up alarm , and not the kind you can hit snooze on. I found out I've been damaging my inner voice , not letting it out properly. So I've made a decision to continue the path I'd begun before and carry on writing , even if it is just for me.
If you think a bit about your inner voice , you'd realize that without there's no way people can think , talk or sing. That's why you and me have it , and even Helen Keller who couldn't physically speak had it. It's our duty to take care of it , for it can get corrupted easily.