Monday, July 19, 2010

Bread and Butter

I've recently switched from eatting bread and cheese every breakfast , to bread and butter. I spend 2 minutes every morning absentmindedly staring at my sandwich befor eating it. There's this thought everyday that keeps me wondering.
Why do I have to have to smash the butter so it would form a thin layer on the bread instead of staying solidly seperarte frome it? Why can't I just give it a little time to melt , will it then choose to form the layer with out me pushing it?
They always say that time can ease things up a bit , at least for most of us. I imagine if I didn't have to be rushing to school I wouldn't mind giving the butter a little time to adjust to the new enviroment , considering it has just been in a refrigerator and now it finds itself in a much different place.
Surely if I was int the butter's shoes I wouldn't like the change. Now if some one had pushed me to become what I'm not wouldn't I react just the same way.
But as the clock thicks the butter slowly melts and adjusts without even noticing , the way I have never noticed me changing during the years.

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